A New Fantasy Begins

20170516_185251In our dimension, there is another world full of mysterious creatures and wondrous landscapes. This place is not in our solar system but it resembles Earth.  It is a place where anything is possible and where imagination takes shape. You will see a side of reality that mirrors us in different ways. Good versus Evil, Light versus Darkness are all themes that are prevalent there. But they are presented in a way that is new and insightful.

A World of Dreams… Not so Different from our Own

G20191113_160629       Is there really a difference between fantasy and reality? For all we know, we could already be in a world where the fantastical exists. How many other worlds out there are like ours? Probably alot! Some have creatures that would amaze even the most hardened of minds. Here, on Earth, we still do not know about every creature on Earth. To me, dinosaurs are part of that enigma…that fantasy land. I’m pretty sure that in most Hollywood movies like Fantastical Beasts, The Lord of the Rings and many more, this topic was important. I speak from personal experience. With my book project, I have found that with creatures of fantasy, I’ve had to go back in time to their beginning. It is simple. To understand something, it helps to see the big picture. I look at a fossilized bird and compare that with a live one and my conclusion is that both are extraordinary. The origin of a species gives more meaning and essence to an animal. What happens next, is up to the imagination. That is when reality meets thought and new creatures are born.