Say “Hello” to Artist Michael Farr

I have Michael to thank for helping with my book’s artwork. He is a wonderful artist and a great friend. I am very impressed with how creative he is and his graphic art is fantastic. What you will see after my book is released are incredible illustrations filled with magical creatures, wizards, sorcerers and more!IMG_20170210_201914802.jpg


Behind the Book Release: An Authortalk


GET READY, FOR A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE IN FICTION AND FANTASY! It’s amazing what one’s imagination can think of. I’ve had this incredible idea for an adventure story for about fifteen years now and I’ve finally decided to pen and publish it. This realization of getting my first real novel out there happened in 2015 when I finally concluded that I needed to get serious about it. What inspires me in my writing is reading other books, movies in different genres and just the pure love I have for the craft. Writing is my passion in life. I believe that my new
novel will make a great reading experience for readers everywhere. It will be a bold, new adventure in the world of books and entertainment!


Author Q & A’s

I’m taking questions about my upcoming book release and I’d be glad to answer anyone in the comment field. You can ask me anything about the book and I’ll be happy to answer you! Get behind-the-scenes action and discover more about the making of my new fantasy epic at:!

Review Acknowledgements

20171105_202305I want to say thanks to Matthew for commenting on my YouTube video, Story Scene 4, thanks for the compliment.

“Looking forward, Dave!”-Matthew Eason

Thanks to Michael for your comment about my poem, “If Only For A Day.”

“Nice poem!” -Michael Farr

Thanks Michael for your nice compliment about my novel!

“You have a good story here!” -Michael Farr.

Red Hot Book Updates!


2-18-17: Hi everyone, I have wonderful news for you! An epic new adventure story is headed your way soon! Right now, it is production time for my book and by the end of this year or next year latest it will be ready for your eager hands to hold! It’s not just my novel, it is for everyone to read and to enjoy! So get ready, because there is going to be a whole new legend in the world of books and this exciting adventure story is headed your way!

4-14-16: Publisher picked out! Readers get ready for my novel in ebook, paper back and hard cover! It’s truly going to be a magical experience for everyone!

5/11/17: I am finally on the last chapter of my book! I’m in the middle of some spectacular action scenes with evil on the verge of conquest. The wizards are cornered but are giving Darkness the fight of their lives!

7/28/17: My new epic in fiction and fantasy is now nearing a critical climax in the story. The final chapter is at last unfolding and new heroes are about to make their grand appearance!

9/14/17: I am just a few weeks away from completing my book! Then, it’s on to the editing stage!

11/04/17: I am done with the manuscript! First draft really,lol.

A Hot Story Scene

In this part of my blog, I would like to give you a fresh, imaginative story scene based on my upcoming book! My novel follows the fiction and fantasy genre and is packed with suspense and excitement! Get ready, for a bold, new adventure! Also, with Writer’s View, I will tell you about the scene piece. I will also tell you more about my novel!



IT MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE…. Continue reading “A Hot Story Scene”

Another World: The Inspiration Behind the Story

This was an awesome story to create. It is truly making a whole other world from scratch. My main point that I wanted to get across with Another World was that in life we all have something special in our lives be that friends, family, significant others or whatever. Or, perhaps, your other world is somewhere far away like a remote, tropical island that is meant just for you. Another World expresses this fact and encourages us all to embrace our dreams.