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Red Hot Book Updates!

2-18-17: Hi everyone, I have wonderful news for you and all readers out there! This year is the year that I am going to release to you my brand new, action packed novel! Right now, it is production time for my book and by the middle or end of this year latest it will be ready for your eager hands to hold! It’s not just my novel, it is for everyone to read and to enjoy! So get ready, because there is going to be a whole new legend in the world of books and this exciting adventure story is headed your way!

4-14-16: Publisher picked out! Readers get ready for my novel in ebook, paper back and hard cover! It’s truly going to be a magical experience for everyone!

Hot Action Scenes

A Hot New Novel

In this part of my blog, I would like to give you, the reader, scenes and mini stories set in my upcoming book. My novel follows the fiction and fantasy genre but retells the classic good versus evil theme in a whole new way. Also, with Writer’s View, I will tell you about the scene piece. I will also tell you more about my novel. With Readers Picks, each person picks another person’s idea related to my sample stories and votes it in for storytelling. If there’s just two comments, I will pick for them. Then, I will fashion a mini story imaginatively connected to the book I am writing that contains inspiration from you. So, I hope you enjoy what you see and read. And remember, you will be part of the story too!



IT MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE…. Continue reading

Another World: The Inspiration Behind the Story

This was an awesome story to create. It is truly making a whole other world from scratch. My main point that I wanted to get across with Another World was that in life we all have something special in our lives be that friends, family, significant others or whatever. Or, perhaps, your other world is somewhere far away like a remote, tropical island that is meant just for you. Another World expresses this fact and encourages us all to embrace our dreams.

Pure Poetry

Welcome to Pure Poetry. It is a blog about poems you can read and any poems you want to write and post. I would actually like to have a varied collection of poems here from me and other people. At the end of every five months, I will give the Star Award to the most viewed poem.  So let the poetry begin! Here’s one it is called “I Can Try”:


We Can Try

It’s a harsh world full of disappointments and sadness

But it’s also a world where your dreams can come true

I try and try but nothing ever seems to happen

But I will keep trying and one day my flower will blossom

Keep your head up my dear friends

Because your flower in time will blossom with the sunshine

All we can do is try

One day, my flower will bask in glorious sunlight!





The Song of the Weeping Willow Tree (Poem in writing process)

Upon that wind swept hill of grass

I see my life displayed as if in glass

My eyes follow its swaying bows

Full of sadness it does me show

Some parts high some parts low

The willow flows with the magical wind

Here in nature you’ll find peace

Come dance with her loving presence


She will sooth your inner spirit

As you watch her green leaves move

She will lift your burden friend

Embrace her like a loved one

For she is love blessing the forest

It dances to a rythm that will last forever

My Weight Loss Journey




Part One, My Method:

Natural Adaption

Have you ever wanted to keep eating that nice chocolate candy bar without thinking of all of that total fat and sugar? Well, in my blog, I lost fifty pounds basically using my own method I call natural adaption. With this method of consumption, what healthy folks call “eating better” I simply call a different way of eating that you have to adjust to over the course of time. One way of making a natural impression on a person is to encourage them to put a poster of Aquafina water on their refrigerator or anywhere in their kitchen. It acts kind of like a coca cola billboard except there is water involved. Then, always keep purified water in your refrigerator. What this does, is get your body and mind use to a new idea. And it’s especially handy for folks who don’t get enough water intake.

Benefits: Your body and mind adjusts to healthier drinking naturally. Remember what coca cola does with the power of their billboard advertising.  You can simply replace that with water. Even cut out Aqaufina from it’s package and place it on your fridge.🍶WATER .

If you love eating potato chips, I’ve got a possible dietary solution for you! Mix sliced apples or grapes with your favorite chips and you’ll be surprised about the extra sweetness that this adds to your side dish.

Benefits: It introduces healthier food into your diet and helps your system adjust to intake variation. Also, by combining these foods, carbs could be reduced.

Part Two: My Personal Story

The most I’ve ever weighed was probably in 2015 when I tipped the scales at 345 pounds. In 2017 I now weigh 295 pounds. So it’s definitely an ongoing struggle. Talk about battle of the bulging waistline! Whew!





Another World, Episode One

He tossed in bed to and fro as his body and mind were deep in the magical trance of sleep. Outside, the world around him was blanketed with the color of night. As he lay in bed in his one bedroom apartment all the concerns of his day melted away. Here and there, he muttered a word or two. He let out sounds of joy and contentment as a smile crossed his sleeping face. In his wonderful dream a light of golden beauty shone forth from the corridors of darkness. He felt so alive and happy. He had so much energy and exhilaration that he felt as if his entire being was on fire with creation magic. He began to make his way into the bright, golden light. He lifted his arm up to shield his eyes from the light’s glare. Suddenly, he emerged into the light and beheld a sight that was more beautiful then words could ever describe. Green grass went as far as the eye could see. Sparkling blue streams meandered throughout the lush scenery. His eyes tried to catch all of this spectacular glory as his brain tried to make sense of it all. High above him the sky was the most beautiful blue he had ever seen with billowing,white clouds. He looked around and saw gorgeous butterflies in every color fly around. Some of them were even the size of a large bird! He could also see wisps of gold here and there and everywhere. But he didn’t know what they were. He felt a tug on the bottom of his shirt and he looked down. He jolted a bit with sudden surprise because there before him stood a young lady in a golden gown. But she did not look like just another ordinary girl. A magical aura was around her and her face had rosy cheeks. Her hair was blond with lovely braids and she spoke with the softest of sounds. “Welcome to the Land of Dreams,” she proclaimed to him.  All people have their dreams and this one is yours,”she said. He looked amazed and surprised. “How can this be my dream? he asked. She replied,”Why not? You must dream! This place is real if you want it to be,”she exclaimed. He looked a little sad and said,”Yes I want this dream to be real! But in real life I am just a simple garbage man but I want so much more!” She stared at him with her light blue eyes and said,”Here Francis, you are a king!” He asked, “How do you know my name?” Her beautiful voice exclaimed,”I live in your thoughts and in your dreams that is why. My name is Beauty Light of Dream Land’s fairies because when I am overwhelmed with happiness my whole being lights up like the sun!” she said with a fairy laugh. Beauty Light then said to him,”Now before I take you by your hand and walk you towards Dream Castle over those green, grassy hills you must awaken but you will return again. We will see you again, Lightbearer.” Then, all of a sudden, he was back in the darkness not knowing what to do. He could hear a low pitched growl coming from behind what looked like the silhouette of a door. On either side of this door were purple flames illuminating it. The Growl said,”Open this door Francis and come into the Realm of Nightmares.” He said nothing and stumbled further into blackness then he woke up. His eyes could see the ceiling of his apartment. His alarm clock was going off as usual.

-I hope you enjoyed your first read into the mini part series of Another World. Stick around and find out what happens to our dear Francis the Lightbearer next time!







Welcome to Storytime

Welcome to all fellow readers and writers alike. Here on my awesome storytime blog you will dive head long into the realm of Dave himself and his creatures,monsters,heroes and all kinds of characters just waiting for you to hear their story. Yes, get ready, it is storytime with Dave! A little about me, I love to write and I have been passionate about the craft my entire life. Writing just gets my creative juices flowing! So grab a warm blanket next to the fireplace and sit on your favorite chair as you begin to read my magnificent stories filled with incredible places,legends and magic! And with that let’s begin! And again, welcome to storytime!