Welcome to Storytime

IMG_20161130_123030423Welcome to all readers and writers alike. Here on my awesome storytime blog you will dive head long into the realm of Dave himself and his creatures,monsters,heroes and all kinds of characters just waiting for you to hear their story. Yes, get ready, it is storytime with Dave! A little about me, I love to write and I have been passionate about the craft my entire life. I am a local Nashville writer and I am happy to be part of the Music City writing scene. I’m also a huge fan of the Southern Festival of Books. It is truly a wonderful event and one I’m glad to partake in. There’s something about writing that reaches deep within the human spirit and makes us want to reach our greatest potential as human beings. It is an art all to itself. Writing just gets my creative juices flowing! So grab a warm blanket next to the fireplace and sit on your favorite chair as you begin to read my magnificent stories filled with incredible places,legends and magic! And with that let’s begin! And again, welcome to storytime!




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