My Weight Loss Journey


Part One, My Method:

Natural Adaption

Have you ever wanted to keep eating that nice chocolate candy bar without thinking of all of that total fat and sugar? Well, in my blog, I lost fifty pounds basically using my own method I call Natural Adaption. With this method of consumption, what healthy folks call “eating better” I simply call a different way of eating that you have to adjust to over the course of time. One way of making a natural impression on a person is to encourage them to put a poster of Aquafina water on their refrigerator or anywhere in their kitchen. It acts kind of like a Coca Cola billboard except there is water involved. Then, always keep purified water in your refrigerator. What this does, is get your body and mind use to a new idea. And it’s especially handy for folks who don’t get enough water intake.

Benefits: Your body and mind adjusts to healthier drinking naturally. Remember what Coca Cola does with the power of their billboard advertising.  You can simply replace that with water. Even cut out Aqaufina from it’s package and place it on your fridge.🍶WATER .

If you love eating potato chips, I’ve got a possible dietary solution for you! Mix sliced apples or grapes with your favorite chips and you’ll be surprised about the extra sweetness that this adds to your side dish.

Benefits: It introduces healthier food into your diet and helps your system adjust to intake variation. Also, by combining these foods, carbs could be reduced.

Part Two: My Personal Story

The most I’ve ever weighed was probably in 2015 when I tipped the scales at 345 pounds. In 2017 I now weigh 295 pounds. So it’s definitely an ongoing struggle. Talk about battle of the bulging waistline! Whew! It seems like everyday I get on my Biggest Loser Scale just too see my own weight dip just below 300 pounds then slightly above that mark the next day! What’s amazing is that you actually lose weight while you sleep! Factors, of course, exist from how late your dinner was too what you ate.


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