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In this part of my blog, I would like to give you, the reader, scenes and mini stories set in my upcoming book. My novel follows the fiction and fantasy genre but retells the classic good versus evil theme in a whole new way. Also, with Writer’s View, I will tell you about the scene piece. I will also tell you more about my novel. With Readers Picks, each person picks another person’s idea related to my sample stories and votes it in for storytelling. If there’s just two comments, I will pick for them. Then, I will fashion a mini story imaginatively connected to the book I am writing that contains inspiration from you. So, I hope you enjoy what you see and read. And remember, you will be part of the story too!




Story Scene 3: “When the Storm of Evil Strikes”

The clash of swords rang in the air like lightning and thunder crashing through the sky sent by angry gods. The moon was now blood red and shining its intimidating light over the earth. Howls and screams could be heard from everywhere. What was fastly approaching was cursed beyond imagining. This was an ancient evil coming to steal the very souls of innocent people. On the horizon, a wicked sorcerer was making his way towards the Citadel of the Wizards. He was forcing his way into the very heart of wizard country with an entire army of cursed wolf warriors. They yelped and howled into the air with their fowl, sharp toothed mouths. Their bodies were hairy and black. They had the faces of wolves and claws so sharp that they could cut a man in two with a single blow. The citadel guards waited behind their defenses in fear and uncertainty about what was soon to come. Suddenly, they could hear the sounds of thousands of wild wolf beasts closing in on them. The sorcerer’s soldiers from hell let out a shout so horrifying that it made the very heart of defenders afraid. The wolf monsters stood up high under the crimson moon and screamed their howls for battle across the countryside..

-Story Scene 3 is an imaginative account based on my upcoming book. Feel free to leave a comment or review about it. I love hearing from other people!

*For more hot story scene action go to Facebook/davesstories for Story Scenes 1 & 2!

*Also, feel free to check out Story Scene  4 on YouTube!

Writer’s View:  

This piece was fun to write and it is connected to the beginning of my main story. It tells of an ancient evil that is attacking the world and only those foretold in an ancient prophecy can stop it. Good versus evil is retold in a stunning new way never before seen or read. New heroes will arise to battle the encroaching darkness and try to stop the spread of evil before it’s too late. Thank-you for reading my imaginative sample related to my main book. And get ready, there’s more to come!

Readers Picks:

No nominations yet. But feel free to leave a comment about what you think would make for a good story as related to my story related scenes. In other words, anything that has to do with werewolves or even other kinds of monsters that come from your imagination. And, of course, sorcerers and wizards are welcomed!

*Any ideas provided by a commenter is given under the knowledge that the person using the said ideas into story form has the full authorization by the commenter to do so. If the commenters ideas are utilized, then idea sharing is mutually understood and is fully permitted by both parties. The commenter will receive full credit for their ideas and no other use of their ideas will be used anywhere else whatsoever without prior consent.


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